Social Media

Turkish Cypriot Community UK

Turkish Cypriot Community UK (TCCUK), is an online platform with over 11.000 members. Since 2020, the platform has established a strong partnership with TCCA and has taken the role of organisation social media arm. Examples of joint work include; Quarantine Quiz Event, Festival, and Turkish Cypriots have talent event Turkish Cypriot community in the United Kingdom. (TCCUK) aims to keep the cultural heritage bestowed upon Turkish Cypriots, the group runs a range of activities where members can join virtually and/ or in person.

As an example, on Turkish Tuesdays members are encouraged to utilise or simply learn the mother-tongue. Perhaps a moment to reminisce of days gone. Maybe a moment to create, support and inspire each other. Most of all, to take a moment to remember you are not alone. TCCUK is a community which looks ahead to a future together. We hope that we can share events, skills, trades, businesses, recipes and day-to-day news to keep us all updated. If you are Turkish Cypriot (TC), married to a TC, one or both of your parents are TC, and currently living in the UK, then you can join our ever-growing group. If you are also an expat/expatriate (previously lived in the UK), and now living in Cyprus, you are also welcome into the group.