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Officer for Awards
Florenza INCIRLI
Florenza INCIRLI

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Turkish Cypriot Community Awards

In 2018, TCCA launched the first Turkish Cypriot Community Awards. The aim of these awards were to ensure that Turkish Cypriot individuals, groups as well as organisations whom made an instrumental change to the lives of those in need within our community are recognised. In regards to the nominations, it was agreed prematurely that voting would be through individual votes, with further nominations from registered charities.

The trustees of TCCA are certain that the awards are fair, unbiased and that the purpose of these awards are to celebrate the amazing work of individuals as well as groups.

Stage 1

102 Turkish Cypriot not-for-profit organisations were sent a nomination form. The principle was that their respective nominations had to be for people not active? Within their organisations. From the nominations that were to be received, the five individuals with the most nominations in each category would be shortlisted.

Stage 2

Is down to a public vote, which has a clearly defined closing date. Members of the public have two options for voting these being;

A. An e-ballot allows the public and the community voting for each category to decide. The online ballot is accessible until a closing date, the voting allows one vote from each person.

B. For those not having access to the internet you can complete a voting form and thereafter post it/hand it in to the Awards Offices, which is held in a Ballot box until closing date.

After voting is complete ballot box and online ballot are accessed at the same time and count organised by six professionals from the fields of: politics, accounts, law and journalism. The ultimate decision lies in the hands of the Turkish-Cypriot community - free from preferential treatment or nepotism.

In 2019, a decision was taken to further endorse its independence and the management of the awards were passed over to the Turkish Cypriot Trust (of which TCCA is a prime member).

The first awards were held at The Regency Banqueting Suite and awards presented by Tufan Erhürman the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus. In 2019 the awards went through nominations however due to covid were unable to progress beyond this.

The awards categories representing the 12 Awards are:

Community Achievement Award Male & Female – 2 awards. UK resident.

The Community Achievement Award acknowledges contributions that have been made within the Turkish Cypriot Voluntary sector. Also, it recognises major achievements within initiatives that benefit those who are in need or for contribution made to the Turkish Cypriot diaspora. Two awards will be given within this category, please nominate both 1 female and 1 male.

Young Community Achiever Award – UK resident, maximum age 25.

The Young Community Achiever Award recognises the success of a young person who over the past 12 months has shown commitment, enthusiasm and exceled in their role within the Turkish Cypriot non-profit sector. This could be as a volunteer, a person developing or running an initiative or for providing a positive role model for other young people.

Charity of the year - non-profit organisation within the UK.

This award recognises work within the voluntary sector. It celebrates the achievement of a non-profit organisation which has supported those most in need or delivered an initiative that is important to our community.

Overseas Charity of the year – For an organisation that runs or has worked across borders.

The Overseas Charity of the year recognises work within context of working across borders to support charitable work within our community or in order to improve dialogue between Turkish Cypriots living in different countries.

Contribution to the Arts
– UK resident Male or Female

In recognition of outstanding work within the Community Arts field.

Contribution to Education and youth
- UK resident Male or Female

In recognition of outstanding work within the Community Education field and/or Youth provision.

Contribution to Health- UK resident Male or Female

In recognition of outstanding work within the Community Health field.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

- a person who has worked or volunteered for at least 20 years. This award recognises an individual who has shown sustained commitment within the Turkish Cypriot voluntary sector and succeeded in advancing the interests of the Turkish Cypriot community within the sector as a whole.

Special Recognition

This award is to recognise the work of those who have passed away and are no longer with us. It recognises their work and contribution made within sector. This section will not be linked to a vote, submissions will be considered based on scope of work and all will be recognised. You may nominate up to three people who are sadly no longer with us.


A list of the Winners of the Turkish Cypriot Community Awards:


Young Community Achiever Male Community Achiever
Winner - Huriye Çiftcioğlu
Runner Up – Mehmet Gazioğlu
Bayram Çubuk
Nafiya Horozoğlu
Tolga Özküm
Winner - Erim Metto
Runner Up – Husayn Hashim El Bakayi
Dr Teoman Sırrı MBE
Ahmet Havalı
Esat Mustafa
Female Community Achiever Charity of the Year
Winner - Türkay Hadji-Filippou
Runner Up – Tünay Hussein
Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece OBE
Sevtap Kemal
Arife Retvan
Winner - Turkish Cypriot Community Association
Runner Up – Tottenham Park Cemetery Action Group
Limasollular Derneği
Turkish Language Culture & Education Consortium UK
İkinci Bahar
Overseas Charity of the Year Lifetime Achievement
Winner - - Cyprus Islamic Association
Runner Up – Limasollular Derneği UK
Inner Wheel
Cağdaş Music Group
Mağusa İnsiyatifi
Winner - Sevtap Kemal
Runner Up – Osman Balıkçıoğlu
Akile Işın
Ertanç Hidayettin
Yaşar İsmailoğlu
Special Recognition listing
Kelami Dedezade 1952 - 2018
Dr. Tözün İsa 1956 - 2015
Hasan Raif 1948 - 2017
Turgut Esendağlı 1963 - 2017
Hulus İbrahim 1931 - 2018
Dr. İsfendiyar Tuncer 1927 - 2016

2020 nominations

Young Community Achiever Community Achievement Award (Male)
Bayram Cubuk
Gulay Ermiya
Nafiya Horoz
Ozel Sari
Hussain Hashim Bakayi
Erim Metto
Mehmet Mimoglu
Ibrahim Mani
Community Achievement Award (Female) Charity of the Year
Munever Borova
Yasemin Baca
Arife Retvan
Hamide Sari
Turkish Cypriot Community Association
Turkish Football Federation
Turkish Language Culture & Education Consortium UK
Lifetime achievement Award Contribution to the Arts
Awardee - Tevik Zekai Osman Balikcioglu
Ertanch Hiddayettin
Erdogan Baca
Sumer Erek
Contribution to Education and youth Contribution to Health
Nuriye Mertcan
Sevtap Kemal
Turker Cakici
Ertanc Hidayettin
Dr Teoman Sirri
Dr Mek Mehmet Yesil
Dr Akan Efe
Dr Tahsin Bilginer
Special Recognition listing
Aysin Yilmaz
Ilker Kilic
Nurten Mehmet
Mustafa Findik
Ersoy Mithat
Yasar Halim