Cancer Awareness

Over the past four years TCCA has developed a formidable presence in relation to cancer awareness, to the degree that TCCA was asked to became cancer awareness agency for the Turkish Speaking communities. TCCA have held several Cancer Awareness events, Seminars programs and fundraisers. In 2020 we saw the introduction of Wigs for Heroes as a resident organisation, the charity operates closely with TCCA, and provides cancer suffers support during their treatment.

There are always events held at TCCA and many more planned in the future and TCCA will continuously work towards helping the community understand this illness by sharing information in both English and Turkish.

Examples of events held have included:

Macmillan Partnership

Macmillan Coffee Morning and last event raised over £700 for the fund, we have Cancer survivors and patients in attendance along with families that have been affected by Cancer.

Turkish Speaking Cancer Awareness Seminar

In 2019, jointly with London Angels and Health Screen held three seminars these being led by Dr Teoman MBE, Dr Efe and Dr Mek Mehmet-Yesil presented a Turkish Speaking Cancer Awareness. Seminar were attended by over 100 people. Attendees had many information booklets available to them for various aspects of Cancer.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Initiative

Working with two hospitals, six community centres and holding four tv programs TCCA lead in an initiative to inform members of the community about Cervical cancer. The initiative proved extremely successful and engaged with over 80 young females directly.

Cancer Ambassador

TCCA was commissioned to recruit cancer ambassadors to act as liaison between community centres, public and the health authority. The initiative was being led by Dr Mek Mehmet-Yesil, and by March 2020 six cancer ambassadors had been recruited. The recruitment process was halted due to Covid 19.

Cancer Programming

Jointly with Euro Genc and Health Screen UK, during 2020 delivered eight programs that raise awareness of symptoms and how you prevent cancer through diet, exercise, and wellbeing.

'Wigs for Heroes' based at TCCA.

New at TCCA, moving into one of our rooms in August 2020. Wigs for Heroes is a registered charity founded in 2017 by Kaz Foncette. It aims to provide people undergoing cancer treatment at North Middlesex Hospital with the financial help for quality wigs, scarves and hats. They also provide Pamper Boxes and host events and workshops in London for anyone effected by cancer

TCCA has also taken part in some Local cancer research specifically aimed at Cultural issues which may stop people from coming forward with a problem, how and where to go and worked closely with the research team and a panel of 20 women aged 21 and above discussing cervical cancer specifically.

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