Mental Health Project

Group Talking Therapies

At Turkish Cypriot Community Association (TCCA) we are dedicated to provide a range of services to ensure that the Turkish/Turkish Cypriot/Kurdish communities are not less disadvantaged as a consequence of being a minority within the United Kingdom.

What is ‘talking therapy’?

Talking therapies provide a regular time and space for individuals to communicate problems as well as explore feelings with other group members who are in similar situations. Often, talking through things and not feeling alone can help improve resilience against any future adverse circumstances, can improve relationship and develop better ways of living.

Our Project Leader facilitates group interventions as well as one-to-one sessions with adults as well as young adults across a range of services available throughout London. The team will provide a safe environment for individuals to explore their issues and bring about meaningful change in thought patterns – converting all negative emotion and thoughts into positive ones!

What is the aim of ‘talking therapies’?

  • Manage and reduce anxiety
  • Manage and reduce depression
  • Improve wellbeing and self-esteem
  • Feel part of a community

A Brief Note on Confidentiality

All individuals work within a framework of confidentiality; despite discussions happening under supervision.

There will be no disclosure. The only exception to this policy is where it is reasonably believed that the health and safety of an individual(s) is at risk.

Who is it suitable for?

Talking therapies are available to ALL with motivation to change.

We will have 2 groups: Under 25, and over 25.

Our service will operate on a monthly basis and will be free of charge, the specific date and times are to be confirmed on self-referral.

How can you participate?

If people are interested then they can participate simply by self-referring yourself through completing a basic form attached, and return to

After completing the form, a TCCA staff member will be in touch with to allocate you to an appropriate session.


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